Scores/Soundtracks & Background Music

We can add the background music/soundtrack to your project OR we can add folly/sound effects. YOU can leave it in OUR hands to put the right sounds in your ears. Please email us with a description of your project telling us what exactly it is that you need, as rates vary based on needs such as length of the composition and deadline.



-North Of the City

-An Aimless Hero


-Organico Grocery Cafe

Jingles that are done correctly can get stuck in your head for days. There's nothing quite like a catchy melody/rhythm/rhyme to help a potential customers remember your brand. 

We can create a few different types of jingles for you. The three we offer are zingers, short jingles (30 seconds), and long jingles (1 minute advertisements).  


Feel free to message us below and we can discuss what exactly you're looking for and the budget of the project.