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Hey everybody, thanks for checking out our site! We've been busy lately revamping our social media as well as our music. These last few months have been busier than ever. To fill you in if you're just joining, we have been a band for almost a year and a half now. We've made some major changes over the last 6 months and felt that our old name The Weekenders just didnt suit us anymore. We needed something new; a fresh start. With that said, we have changed our name to Pom-Oak. Although the music will not be changing too significantly, we feel that we as a band have and that is the reason behind the name change. What exactly does the name mean, you ask? Sean is from Pompton and Joe is from Oakland. A simple, yet meaningful name behind the message we plan to deliver to you through our music, meant to serve as tribute to the small towns we come from. Thanks for supporting! Fans save bands

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