"Sean! You are an amazing friend, mentor, teacher, and role model! You have taught me everything that I know and you have always pushed me to do great things with my music. Now, because of you, I am a piano teacher and have 12 students, soon 13. I would have never thought I would get this far until you were my teacher!"

Stephanie S. / Pianist / Former Student

"I have worked with Sean and have a solid understanding of his ability and have trusted him on projects I've worked on... I say this as an industry professional and Grammy award winning engineer whom has worked with the likes of some of the top artists in the industry"

Brian Chirlo / Engineer

"We are at dueling pianos tonight. You are better!"

Lori L / Parent of a student

"I've known Sean for over 5 years...his songwriting, compositions, and performances have that special something that is always difficult to put your finger on when speaking about it but he has that extra something"

Bethany Watson / Entertainment Manager

"I personally became a fan of Sean when he was performing in his band circa 2016. I heard their music while I was working as an agent for CEG in NYC.... I knew something was special about them and it was Sean. His songwriting and vocals were something extraordinary"

Rick Davis / Talent Agent

"Sean is an extremely competent pianist"

JP / Singer & bassist of Rectanglez

Here's a look at a former student

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