100 studio credits = 45 free minutes of studio time 


SILVER earns (1 and a half hours) free studio time every 6 months

GOLD  earns (1 and a half hours) free studio time every 4 months


  1. If needed, lessons may only be rescheduled once a month with 24 hours notice, based on the availability and the discretion of the teacher. Exceptions may be made if lessons fall on national or religious holidays.

  2. To avoid scheduling conflicts, unused lessons do not roll over into following months and will not be refunded if missed. 

  3. In the event that a student is sick or experiences an emergency, please email us at PomOakOfficial@gmail.com or call us at 973-668-8884 immediately to notify us. If the availability of the teacher allows for the lesson to be rescheduled, we will aim to do that. If it does not, we will discuss a partial or full refund dependent upon the given situation.