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Want to increase sales by as much as 33%? Sound branding has been proven to be an effective branding tool. In a study of the effectiveness of advertising jingles, 77.6% of participants reported being immediately affected by jingles in their purchasing decisions. In another study done at The Institute of Marketing Management, 89% of respondents reported being influenced by jingles/sound branding. 


P.O.P is here to partner up with you and your clients, to create unique jingles & sound branding, tailored specifically to your company/product! We collaborate with our clients on the message/lyrics of the jingle or advertisement, genre, and even instrument/voice selection. Clients are fully welcome to be included in the process as much as they would like!



The going rate for a 1 minute jingle in today’s market is $10,000 and the cost of voice over actors for audio books/advertisements is not cheap! However, by partnering with Pom Oak Productions, there is plenty of wiggle room. 


$1,000 = “zinger” (2-7 second jingle/slogan)

$2,000 = “medium” (Up to 30 second jingle)

$3,500 = “long” (Up to 1 minute jingle)

*These are buyouts rates to the master recording. You or clients can then play the recording in stores, on the radio, or in television commercials, royalty free, for life. We maintain rights to the intellectual property. 


1 ad = $1,000

4 ads / year = $3,600 or $900 Per ad

8 ads / year = $6,800 or $850 per ad

12 ads / year  = $9,000 or $750 per ad

*Ads are 1 minute long and we will discuss a preference for male/female voice actor, as well as the product you are promoting. You can write a script or we are happy to assist you in writing one. 


$100 + $30 per page 

*Scripts must be written in standard screen play format.

Further, everything is negotiable, as these are only base prices. If you are willing to negotiate equity in your project, or, have a skill that may serve us well... we are all ears! 

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