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Old Televisions and Radios

Jingles, Audio Marketing, & Sound Branding

Want to increase sales, by as much as 33%, with "sound branding"? We can create your business' very own zinger or jingle.   


Custom Beats for Artists

Are you a singer or rapper that needs a custom beat or instrumental?  

Sheet music on music stand


Looking for background music to a film, video production, game, app? 

Mixer Desk

Mixing & Mastering

Do you have a recording that needs mixing/mastering? 


Booking the Studio

Looking to record a song from start to finish? Or maybe you just need some stems/post production to a song you've already begun.  


Live Performances & Private Events

Looking for a live pianist for a private event? 

Piano Lesson


Looking for music lessons? We offer just about every instrument and offer lessons remotely, via Zoom. However, if you live in the North Jersey area, we can even do them in person! 


Promo Pics

Are you an artist that needs some promo pictures? 

Pequannock Township, NJ, United States, 07444  Contact Info: PomOakOfficial@gmail.com