About P.O.P

       Pom Oak Productions was started by Sean Brody and Grace Rose. Sean will be your producer and Grace is whom you'll be speaking to when you first contact us. Grace is also available for any female vocals, if necessary, and has been used on many of our tracks. The "team" consists of us and a few of our highly skilled musical peers that we reach out to on an "as-needed basis" to make the best production that we can for each clients given budget. 

When it began...

     The long answer - Sean began taking piano lessons at the age of 7. As a teenager, he became interested in recording and producing and continued recording himself through his teens, all the way until college. By that time, Sean had found some minor successes behind the piano playing in different bands earning write-ups and features in local articles, winning a "battle of the bands" and other accolades during high school, to composing the graduation song. He went on to earn a piano scholarship at his first college, Albright.

        It was around that time when Sean stopped taking weekly piano lessons and began teaching more and more of his own piano students. The band(s) he was playing in also got more serious, earning recognition from pages like Stage Right Secrets, YouTubers like Bryan Stars, and Alt Press Magazine. Shortly after college, Sean's band signed their first publishing deal with CDF records, receiving airplay in Europe for his single "Save Your Breath". By his mid 20's, Sean had a small tour under his belt and began licensing his original music under the name "Pom Oak" with networks like MTV, Discovery, FOX Sports, Nascar, Oxygen, TLC, and Netflix, also earning a placement in a promo for "Headliners", a show produced by members of Yellowcard, Anberlin, and The Rocket Summer. 

       Soon, Sean found himself producing for the likes of; Skyward Story, Ryan Bria, Hey Indo, and Driicky Graham. In between his time producing, he was playing as a backup musician, for artists including; Abigail Breslin, Gia Farrell, Wayne Olivieri, and Ryan Allen. Sean has also earned performance credits (piano) for work with artists such as Lizzy Farrall, Valastaire, and Vinnie Caruana. Wanting to broaden his horizons, he also decided to get into jingle writing and soundtrack design and has worked on projects like the Organico Grocery Cafe jingle and films such as; North of the City directed by Paul Zimmerman and An Aimless Hero directed by Mike Mee. 

     Sean remains busy producing and looking for motivated/talented artists to work with. 

     The short answer- Pom Oak Productions started in 2016

Our mission

     Our goal is to give each artist the very best production that we can for their budget. We aim to make each new production the best production that we can and are motivated to make productions and not just recordings. You will not leave our studio with an untuned & post produced recordings. We want the work that comes from us to be well produced, well thought out, and well executed.

    That means we are probably going to record track by track and rely on midi when we can to give us the cleanest production we can get, however, I will call in session players if/when needed and will personally hand tune each vocal as to bring out the best in each artist. Guitars will be run direct and we will mic whatever amps you have/want if you want a particular amp mic'd.

    Together we will make something that we're both proud of. Lastly, each artist will get a mix but we will also recommend a friend of Sean's whom is a grammy award winning engineer to further touch up the sound for an additional price if that's something you're interested in, however,  it isn't required.